“A Gospel You Can Believe”
Romans 1:16-17

  This journey into what we believe and why begins with four main points of doctrine upon which this entire study is
    based. The four points of doctrine are:

·A Gospel You Can Believe
·A Life You Can Live
·Bible Study You Can Understand
·A Book (Bible) You Can Trust

  The first four parts of this study are based upon the four points listed above, presented in the order in which they
   are listed. Then, each point will be examined in detail, in the following order:

·Bible Study You Can Understand
·A Gospel You Can Believe
·A Life You Can Live
·A Book (Bible) You Can Trust

  Every doctrine we believe is covered in this journey. The four basic points serve only as a “jumping off”
  point, since   each represents a concise doctrinal statement in itself.

  This first study, “A Gospel You Can Believe” will examine the following:
·Are all “gospels” the same?
·Our gospel vs. all other “gospels”
·How we are saved today

  I. Differing “Gospels”
A. Popular Concepts – (“ a clear presentation?”)
1. Sinner’s prayer
2. Ask Jesus into your heart
3. Ask God to forgive your sins
4. Every head bowed, every eye closed
5. Come forward – publicly
6. Repentance, confession, baptism

B. Paul’s Gospel

1. I Corinthians 1:17
2. “My Gospel”
a. Romans 2:16
b. Romans 16:25
c. II Timothy 2:8
3. Paul had to preach the gospel; I Corinthians 9:16-18

  II. Our Gospel Vs. Other Gospels
A. Paul and his gospel; not “another”
1. Galatians 1:11-12
2. II Corinthians 11:4
3. Galatians 1:6-9

B. The difference
1. Luke 9:1-6
2. Luke 18:31-34

C. “Provisional” gospel
1. Romans 3:22
2. “Unto” vs. “upon”

  III. How We Are Saved Today
A. Believe
1. Acts 16:27-31
2. Romans 4:5
3. Ephesians 2:8-9
4. Titus 3:5

B. What to Believe
1. Our “gospel”
2. I Corinthians 15:1-4

·All gospels – and there are many – are not the same.
·Our gospel vs. all the other “gospels” is unique – and Biblical
·How we are saved today - BELIEVE